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China Ruijin Restaurant

China Ruijin:

Founded in 2019, Chinese Ruijin Restaurant celebrates Chinese cuisine through traditional techniques plus the finest ingredients and contemporary flair found only at Chinese Ruijin Restaurant. With its stunning sea-views at Porto Montenegro and authentic Chinese taste, Chinese Ruijin aims to create a world top dinning experience for its international and local guests.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine:

The kitchen is led by talented Chinese chefs, whose passion lies in creating traditional Chinese dishes. Enjoy the world of Chinese Ruijin in every detail, from scent to sound to the last artful bite, the team carefully crafts a truly immersive journey.

A luxurious oriental dining experience for families and friends:

We used Chinese traditional round tables and delicate oriental interior. This will bring you a unique exotic dining experience at same time provide you and your beloved a sense of ease and enjoyment.

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday: 11.00am-10.00pm


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Contact information

Mobile: +382 (0)69/217-844

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