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New in the Village

The village reflects a cultural taste bomb, offering even more variety for restaurant goers. We proudly welcome Sumosan (ex-Mitsu), Ukemochi and Gallardo to the village dining scene, bringing contemporary Japanese sushi and sashimi, tasty noodle dishes and Montenegro’s first traditional steakhouse.

The crème de la crème will lie behind the doors of Marne by Veuve Clicquot, serving delectable fish and shellfish alongside carefully selected wines. As always, our local village classics continue to serve regional, Italian and Lebanese cuisines and the freshest seafood, which you can devour at our 10 existing restaurants, open all year round.

New on the retail scene is the Petite Genève Petrović, part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers in Porto Montenegro, alongside Budapest and Belgrade. Located at the entrance to the Regent Hotel, the boutique not only enjoys the privilege of a sophisticated setting, but embodies the essence of the brand, offering prestige technology, precision and style, to reflect the luxury that embodies the Rolex wristwatches collection.

In the same sophisticated fashion, Tenero, a leading distributor of Italian fashion brands joins the village retail scene, offering high quality, handcrafted designs made using the finest materials. The boutique offers multi brand men’s fashion, becoming the first gentleman’s boutique in the village, with a modest offering to satisfy female audiences also.