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Porto Montenegro Seaplane Regatta

The First International Seaplane Regatta MontAdria 2021


The First International Seaplane Regatta MontAdria 2021 was held from 5 to 7 May 2021. This event, that Porto Montenegro is one of the partners of, marks the 80th anniversary of the last flight of Seaplane Squadron of Pilots from the territory of Montenegro. The event participants were the seaplane owners and pilots from Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

The event started in Porto Montenegro with flights from the Tivat Airport over the Tivat-based nautical village, culminating in a parachute display.

The Chairman of the Organizational Committee Dragisa Raicevic has stated that the plan is to organize the seaplane regatta every year, at the beginning of the tourist season.

“This event is a promotion of hydro-aviation, as well as a historical retrospect of glorious events in hydro-aviation since 1913. We must not forget that the first seaplane base in Montenegro was located in the former Arsenal, where Porto Montenegro is now located”. Raicevic has also reminded us that the aviation represents a wide range of activities. “It is especially interesting for the promotion of tourism. You can imagine how attractive it is for the passengers to fly from Dubrovnik for some 15 minutes to one of our marinas having border clearance. These are short flights, shortening travel time in a safe and attractive way”, it was pointed out by Raicevic.

In addition to the aforementioned, he has said that the north and the south can be thus connected.

“It can contribute to the balanced development of the entire airport infrastructure in the country. We can transport passengers in a fast and easy way from the south to the north and visit the entire Montenegro during a day”, Raicevic has concluded, adding that seaplanes are very cost-efficient, and that flight costs are reduced to minimum.

The First International Seaplane Regatta MontAdria 2021 was held in compliance with all epidemiological measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health, and in accordance with the recommendations the event is not open for the public, but the citizens can watch the seaplanes flying over from their homes.

This event has been supported by Porto Montenegro and Regent Porto Montenegro as the main sponsors of the Regatta.