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Winter Confections & Sweet Treats


This simple yet elegant cake is made of eggs, sugar, milk, butter and 500 gr of almonds, along with maraschino and orange juice flavouring – the signature cake in the restaurants of Perast and Kotor.


The almost forgotten desert, Rozada, is made of just three ingredients – eggs, sugar and milk. Each bite is light and sweet to taste, finished by the beautiful sharpness of the coated caramel. The perfect accompaniment to follow a seafood lunch, served with Prosecco.


When visiting the Lovcen National Park, don’t miss the priganice – with a homemade side of honey for added delight. Priganice are a simple homemade doughnut with raisins, served warm alongside afternoon tea and coffee.


Light, crispy, deep-fried dough is the sweet treat indigenous to the Budva area. If you’re lucky enough, you will find these freshly made wonders in one of Budva’s many coffee shops, and they’re impossible to resist.


Montenegro is a true coffee culture – not only a drink, but a national pastime. Whether chatting with friends or hosting a business meeting, everything happens over a cup of coffee! Guests can experience lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos and more, but the traditional choice is Greek coffee.