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Exclusive waterfront restaurants and cafes

The diversity of Porto Montenegro restaurants and cafes in Tivat bring flavours from all around the world to unique, elite environment. It’s ideal for both: intimate private dining experience and celebrations for large group of guests. Whether you want to indulge in perfectly seared steak, wood oven baked pizza or delicious meals of traditional montenegrin cuisine, waterfront restaurants and cafes offer authentic tastes fit for everyone.

Best of Tivat restaurants

The best Tivat restaurants are located right here – in the unique Adriatic environment of Boka Bay, next to world’s best superyacht marina. Answer to the call for a break from this unique Mediterranean experience, and try out delicious meals carefully prepared for you. Enjoy your night walk by the shore or catch some shade from the hot Tivat’s Sun and try out the Tivat restaurants and cafes in Porto Montenegro.

Flavours of Porto Montenegro restaurants

Porto Montenegro waterfront restaurants bring you ultimate Mediterranean cuisine experience – local and fresh seafood flavours that won’t leave you or anyone indifferent.

Waterfront restaurant & cafe reservations

Porto Montenegro cafes offer a variety of ways to indulge in a unique kind of elite hedonism only Montenegro can offer. Our waterfront restaurants and cafes are an ideal spot for you to be careless and relaxed.

Chinese Ruijin Restaurant

China Ruijin: Founded in 2019, Chinese Ruijin Restaurant celebrates Chinese cuisine through traditional techniques plus the finest ingredients and contemporary flair found only at Chinese Ruijin Restaurant. With its stunning sea-views at Porto Montenegro and authentic Chinese taste, Chinese Ruijin aims to create a world …

Sunreef Yachts Lounge

Sophisticated and intimate, the Sunreef Yachts Lounge is a meeting point for all those who want to celebrate the yachting lifestyle in the wonderful setting of Porto Montenegro’s marina. Pairing comfort and style, its smart interiors and terrace are the perfect spot to socialize over …

Roberto’s Mare

Opening to critical acclaim in Dubai in 2012 and Abu Dhabi in 2016, Roberto’s has established itself as a multiyear award-winning Italian stalwart in the culinary heart of the United Arab Emirates. Under the overall direction of Group Head Chef, Chef Francesco Guarracino, Roberto’s presents …


Gallardo restaurant is the very first traditional steakhouse in the area of Boka Bay that presents a combination of fine dining, traditions, and modern-day meat preparation techniques. Gallardo uses the dry-aging method when preparing their meat, generating the depth of tasteful flavors, and juiciness. Number …


With locations in London, Monte Carlo, Dubai and Moscow, we are proud to welcome this contemporary Japanese restaurant known for serving incredible sushi and sashimi of the highest quality amongst a myriad of innovative Japanese dishes created by the original Executive chef, Bubker Belkhit. To view …


Kafeterija is one of the fastest growing specialty coffee shop chains in southeast Europe. Their doors open every morning at 7am sharp, where quality coffee is served, with a team of young experts standing behind the concept, bringing perfect coffee to guests. Kafeterija is driven …

Al Posto Giusto

The spacious stone interiors and waterfront terrace of Al Posto Giusto, or “APG” as it is known locally, creates a welcoming Italian ambience, while a wood fired oven ensures the best thin-crust pizza this side of Napoli. Al Posto Giusto menu – classic meets comfort …

Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table represents a unique concept situated in the Porto Montenegro, village, offering bespoke menus available for special occasions or simply a more intimate private dining experience. The dining experience can be described as dining with a difference and a great opportunity to sample …

Crush Wine Station

This chic wine bar set on an outdoor terrace overlooking the superyachts of the marina’s Jetty 1 adds a welcome dose of glamour, especially in high season. As Montenegro’s premier wine venue, it features a carefully selected collection of regional favourites, undiscovered labels, as well …

De Gustibus

We recommend De Gustibus restaurant for all who are looking for a truly unique, authentic, and memorable experience. De Gustibus Tivat represents one of the most pleasant summer concepts in Porto Montenegro, located above the iconic 64 metre infinity pool at the Yacht Club. With …


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