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Roberto’s Mare

Opening to critical acclaim in Dubai in 2012 and Abu Dhabi in 2016, Roberto’s has established itself as a multiyear award-winning Italian stalwart in the culinary heart of the United Arab Emirates.

Under the overall direction of Group Head Chef, Chef Francesco Guarracino, Roberto’s presents a truly cosmopolitan experience for the most discerning of culinary crowds with a desire for an authentic, thoughtful and contemporary Italian fine dining experience.

Seamlessly drawing from old and new, classic and modern, traditional and contemporary, Roberto’s is a culinary affair that marries signature Italian authenticity with Dubai’s renowned gastronomic scene and brings this unique experience to the shores of Porto Montenegro.

Roberto’s Mare stays true to our commitment of bringing only the freshest, best quality and genuine ingredients to your table. It offers scenic indoor and outdoor seating right on the water, with the terrace recalling the unique urban feel of Roberto’s iconic, Dubai terrace yet in a relaxed seaside atmosphere. It maintains the distinctive culinary signature dishes of Dubai while offering only the freshest Mediterranean seafood, oysters, line caught Adriatic Branzino, Spiny Lobster, Sicilian Prawns and the finest, selected local meats. Roberto’s Mare is ready to warmly welcome you with our signature food and service.

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Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 12.00-23.00


Ozana – Village map

Contact information:

Phone:  +382 (0)63 222 024  / +382 (0)63 222 025

E mail:  reservations@robertosmare.com

Group inquiry at: info@robertosmare.com

Website: www.robertosmare.com