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Supreme gastronomy specialties

Fine dining in luxury restaurants

Porto Montenegro marina village has brought international flavours in perfect symbiosis with our traditional cuisine, showcasing diverse specialties in an elite environment. The rhapsody of flavours of Montenegro gastronomy and other authentic tastes  are now available to you in our waterfront restaurants and cafes.

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Fine dining experience in Montenegro

Whether you want to enjoy an intimate atmosphere of private dining or a large celebration, our luxury restaurants suit your every desire.

The most exclusive restaurants in Montenegro

Here you find not only the most exclusive restaurants in Montenegro, but also the best restaurants in Tivat, where everyday you can try delicious meals made especially for you

Traditional & international specialties

Our luxury restaurant menu is comprised of all kinds of local and distinct seafood specialties that won’t leave anyone indifferent. You will also be able to try a unique mixture of traditional Montenegrin dishes mixed and distinct international specialties.

Elite hedonism for all your senses

Our upscale waterfront restaurants & cafes offer multiple ways to enjoy a supreme kind of hedonism that relaxes all your senses, lifts up you spirits, leaving you cheerful and ready to enjoy your life to the fullest.

International flavours for everyone

Distinct international cuisine

Porto Montenegro vibrant promenade boasts with a cluster of colourful restaurants representing various international flavours such as Italian, Mediterranean, Lebanese, Japanese together with savory oriental tastes, leaving you with an entirely different definition of indulgement.

Frequently asked questions

Most of our exclusive restaurants require a reservation, since this is the easiest way to ensure your own table and enjoy a pleasant evening.

Many of our luxury restaurants and bars feature a carefully selected labels of wine, regional as well as international, along with a selection of cheese for a complete wine tasting

Njegusi prosciutto, local cheese and seafood specialties are some of the unique Montenegro dishes that are served in our exclusive restaurants you must try on.