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Exclusive Real Estate OFFERS


Belodore perfumery is the opposite of commercial perfume production – when we talk about perfume, the term “niche” is used for small artisanal perfume studios, whose production is on a much smaller scale, in which the perfumers are working with exceptional, rare, natural and therefore very expensive components, they therefore enjoy total artistic freedom.The quality of the product is much higher than that from the commercial producers and last much longer.

If you do not want to have something that everyone else has, if you don’t prefer to follow trends and if you don’t like to compromise on quality, then you want to wear a more personalised scent, Belodore, is the right choice for you.

Select from any of these famous brands: Acqua di Parma, Amouage, Casamorati, Escentric Molecules, Houbigant, Jean Patou, Juliette has a gun, M. Micallef, Majda Bekkali, Mancera, Nasomatto, Perris Monte Carlo, Roja, The Different Company, Tiziana Terenzi, Xerjoff, and find your favourite!

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday: 10.00am – 22.00pm


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Contact information

Mobile: +382 (0)67 336 400

Email: dpluxportomontenegro@gmail.com