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Warsash Superyacht Academy

Warsash Superyacht Academy will launch a series of superyacht training courses in Montenegro this autumn and subject to demand, and will eventually offer its full maritime training portfolio with internationally recognised qualifications for superyacht crew.

New Training Facility

Warsash Superyacht Academy Porto Montenegro represents an incredible opportunity for yachts and crew alike to benefit from world class maritime training delivered by the leading experts in superyacht training.

Available courses

Become a part of world-renowned superyacht academy

Warsash Superyacht Academy is one of the leading maritime academies in the world with extraordinary reputation in yachting society.

Available yacht courses are designed to provide captains and officers with all the knowledge necessary to command and operate superyachts, including latest navigational techniques, in addition to required technical and legal specification.

Superyacht deck jobs

Our superyacht training programmes designed for Captains, deck officers and yacht ratings are all approved by the MCA, and are job specific.

Yacht Engineering

Learn necessary skills for a successful career as an engineering officer. Superyacht training courses we offer will provide all knowledge needed to make a significant progress from assistant engineer to chief engineer on modern superyachts.

Interior & Hospitality

Whether you already have experience in the hospitality and customer service, our training courses will provide the needful skills and competencies for all levels, adjusted especially for superyacht environments.

Fire Fighting

The purpose of fire school is to provide a safe, yet realistic environment in which seafarers can learn the essential techniques of fighting fires at sea.


Medical superyacht training course is carefully designed to equip its attendees with all necessary expertise in first aid and medical care.

Safety management

Warsash Superyacht Academy safety management courses aims to incorporate social skills, communication and operating productively in a multi-cultural environment. We know that such expertise is universally applicable at sea as well as on shore, and is part of the life-long learning of seafarer.

Human Element, Leadership and Management

Management and development of crucial non-technical skills is known as ‘resource management’ and includes social skills and cognitive skills. The purpose of the course is to hone these skills progressively, since such expertise is universally applicable both at sea and ashore.


The issue of security is of paramount importance to us, so security courses have been designed to meet all necessary requirements.

Professional development - Management

The corresponding undergraduate / postgraduate programmes are available both for your personal and professional development.