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Durmitor National Park – discover our nature’s masterpiece

We all know that Montenegro country is well known for its unrealistic, naturally rich coast which attracts many tourists worldwide. Each year, the ports are full of superyachts, the beaches are filled with people relaxing under the sun, while others are having fun exploring the local bars, restaurants, and boutiques.

But, have you ever wondered what else is out there worth visiting in the beautiful land of Montenegro? With its authentical beauty of picturesque landscapes, untouched, wild nature Durmitor National Park is the paradise for many. 

When it comes to Durmitor Montenegro has a lot of natural wonders, but not as many as special as this mountain.

But, let’s get to know the mountain itself, in the first place, shall we?

Durmitor mountain – the divine mountain range of Montenegro 

The Celtic people named it “Dru Mi Tore” which literally means “The mountain full of water”. As a part of the Dinaric Alps, Durmitor mountains represent a massif that is located in the northwest of Montenegro.

The highest peak of the Durmitor is called “Bobotov Kuk” and it reaches a height of 8,278 ft (2,523 meters). For those who are in love with mountain hiking, reaching this particular peak is one of the most amazing experiences one could have thanks to the scenic views from the heights. 

Surrounded by the Tara River Canyon in the North, Komarnica Canyon on the south, Plateau of lakes (“Jezerska površ”) in the west and Piva River Canyon on the west, for the most part, Durmitor is situated in the municipality of Žabljak.

The most visited place in the Durmitor Montenegro is definitely the Durmitor National Park, a place where one can simply fall in love with the authentic beauties of Mother Nature.

Interested to find out more about Durmitor Park? Say no more, we’re going to make you can’t wait to be there, and that is a promise. 

Durmitor National Park – a rare example of natural beauty

Durmitor National Park Montenegro is located in the northwest of Montenegro, surrounded by the canyons of Tara, Draga, Sušica and the upper part of the Komarnica valley. The surface area of Durmitor park is about 39,000 ha.

Founded in 1952., thanks to its alluring natural environment, this beautiful national park of mount Durmitor was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site by the decision of the International Committee on World Cultural and Natural Heritage in Paris in 1980.

The Durmitor National Park Montenegro represents the home to a significant number of cultural monuments from the ancient period to the present day. The most characteristic is the medieval monuments:  bridges and guards, the ruins of cities and fortifications, monastery complexes and necropolises in the Tara River valley.

The special charm of Žabljak Durmitor National Park can be sensed while exploring the area relief, a vast plateau at 1 500 meters above sea level, which is intersected by deep canyon valleys. There are also 48 mountain peaks which are rising from the canyons reaching over 2000 meters above sea level. 

Sunrise at Durmitor mountain

Explore the Durmitor canyon valleys 

Conceived from the clear, violent rivers of the Durmitor National Park, there are several canyons in the massif of Durmitor,  such as Tara, Komarnica (also known as the Nevidio canyon),  Sušica, Draga and Piva.

Tara canyon

Tara canyon is well known for its beautiful water movements and the fact that it is the biggest canyon in Europe, and the second biggest in the World, after the Grand Canyon in the USA. It is also Europe’s deepest gorge.

The canyon is 1300 m deep and 60 km long, rich with green, deciduous flora and first-class drinkable water. The authenticity of this place is so vivid thanks to the remarkable geomorphological and ecological environment.  A special tourist attraction is the rafting of Tara, which will be discussed in the text below. 

Komarnica Canyon 

It is also known as the Nevidio Canyon, a name given by the locals after the fact that it is the most impassable canyon in Europe. It is believed that a human foot never entered until 1965. when a group of mountain hikers from the town of Nikšić made their way through the narrow rocks of 3,8 km long canyon.

Today, it is impossible to enter the Nevidio Canyon without the guide and the professional gear.

Sušica canyon

One of the most beautiful canyons of Montenegro is Sušica canyon. Located in the western slopes of the Durmitor mountain, within the Durmitor National Park, this canyon is 14 km long and it is a habitat for wild boars, roe deer, and chamois that are particularly adaptable to this terrain.

Piva and Draga canyons

Piva is known as one of the most impressive Montenegrin rivers, which flows through the western part of the country finding its way through the high mountains. The Piva canyon is settled in at the foot of a high mountain zone called Piva Mountain in the Durmitor Mountain System.

Another amazing canyon worth visiting is Draga, which is 7 km long and 700 meters deep.

Durmitor Black Lake – straight out of the fairytale

If you are one of those people who live for the moment and have breathtaking experiences then Durmitor Black Lake is on the top of your list. Seriously, it is perhaps one of the most magnificent sceneries you’ll ever get to see.

The glacial Durmitor lake is settled at the foot of Međed peak in the mount Durmitor and consists of two smaller ones: The Big and the Small lake, both connected with a narrow strait. During the summer, the narrow strait dries up creating two separate parts of the water. That truly makes the Durmitor lake one of the most beautiful lakes in the whole world.

The Durmitor lake, the pearl of Žabljak Durmitor National Park, covers the area of 0.515 square km and it is 3km away from the Žabljak town. It is the most popular lake of 18 other glacial lakes of Durmitor, Montenegro also known as “Gorske Oči” (Mountain eyes)

Filled with numerous streams, of which the “Mlin Creek” is the best-known one, the Black Lake Durmitor National Park represents the paradise for nature lovers, for its phenomenal environment. 

So, you can tell why Durmitor Black Lake is one of the most beloved tourist attractions. You can go hiking 3.5 kilometers around the lake or go for a run down the trails which lead to several smaller lakes in Žabljak.

Nature at Durmitor mountain

Durmitor activities – what are the most popular ones?

Now that you are familiar with the natural jewels of Durmitor National Park, you probably can’t wait to explore what else is out there to do and what are the Durmitor Adventure activities available for fun and the good times. 

Well…if you are a daredevil who would love to make the most of the trip, we recommend you to get ready for the real, unforgettable Durmitor adventure!

Zipline Durmitor National Park – the spot for fun and good vibes  

Zipline is the most famous adventure activity in Durmitor National Park. It sounds a bit scary at first, but not for those who are attracted to this kind of extreme and fun activity. The adrenaline-driven people would definitely love to experience the unforgettable, intense feeling of hanging and flying above the Tara river

When it comes to zipline Durmitor National Park boasts one of the most extreme ones in Montenegro. It is situated near the Đurđevica Tara bridge from which you can enjoy the overwhelming view at the shimmering water of the Tara river and other untouched parts of the Durmitor National Park.  The bridge is settled across the crossroads between the towns of Žabljak, Mojkovac, and Pljevlja.

For daredevils, it is good to know that besides in Durmitor national park, Montenegro has a lot of other amazing adventure places that are worth your time. 

Rafting and kayaking -Durmitor activities on the clear river

Another very popular Durmitor adventure activity is rafting at the Tara river. The adventure junkies can be assured that kayaking or rafting on the clean, wild and cold river is something they’ll never forget. 

It is a very popular activity among the local groups of friends who simply love to come for the weekend, stay in Durmitor camp and experience the fun and adrenaline during the season.

What are the other beauties of Montenegro, besides Durmitor Park?

When it comes to the Durmitor National Park, Montenegro can be proud of nature’s wild beauties and breathtaking landscapes. For many people, the ideal vacation consists of a couple of days of fresh air of Durmitor National Park and several days at the coast of the Adriatic sea.

The Bay Of Kotor offers beautiful corners on the coastline, such as the Old Town of Kotor, Herceg Novi, Budva Old Town, and many other extraordinary towns with beautiful city walls, wild beaches, first-class hotels, and restaurants where you’d get everything you’d need for a five star vacation time. 

If you want to make the most out of your trip to Montenegro, you’d be happy to know that Porto Montenegro and its luxurious marina are one of the best places to visit. 

For those of you who want to spend some quality time on the coast and want to rent a boat, apartment or other guest services in this luxurious bay, we are happy to inform you that you have plenty of choice, such as our perfect accommodation in the luxurious bay. It all depends on how you imagine your perfect holiday to be like. Don’t hesitate and make the most of your visit to one of the smallest and prettiest countries in Europe. Montenegro is truly a work of art!

Durmitor mountain covered with snow