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Boka Bay landscape

Legendary Boka Bay and its magnificent history

Rarely you come across beauty that leaves you struggling for superlatives, so breathtaking you’ve few words to describe it. Hemmed in by cliffs that command the view, gazing upon serpentine straits and foamy gulfs marking an invisible border of the bay, Montenegro’s Boka Bay resembles a giant blue cauldron from a bird’s eye view.

The picturesque landscape represents none other than the Bay of Kotor, or the legendary Boka Bay, abrim with Venetian old towns and historical meccas scattered along the coastline, guarding the rich and magnificent history of Montenegro.

Encounter the photogenic medieval towns, numerous citadels and island monasteries – explore the bay’s narrow and winding roads, but also be sure to take to the water and sail, enjoying the view from the deck of your yacht.

Explore the Boka Bay and get to know Montenegro at its original, historical core.

Medieval towns of Boka Kotorska – a rich cultural history

Each of the main coastal towns within the Boka Bay are marked for the role they played throughout history. Given the turbulent history of the region, it is only natural to find a fortress in many of them. Whilst set in idyllic surroundings, circled by beautiful nature, the sapphire blue sea, in the secluded and protected Bay of Kotor Kotorska, these towns once had a great role to play in protecting the local community.

Tivat – the elegant Venetian legacy

Tivat, or previously known as Teodo, maybe the youngest medieval town among them, but is by no means any less important – far from it. In this humble coastal town,ere you will come across archaeological ruins dating from Greek and Roman eras of rule and the later period of Venetian rule is especially marked with beautiful Venetian homes dating back to XV century.

Nowadays, Tivat represents one of the most important coastal towns in Montenegro/ In the 1850s, the Austro-Hungarian Empire used the port of Tivat as a naval base. Almost a century later, they area was under the control of Mussolini, and later used in the Second World War  to store submarines and other wartime artillery in hangers and bunkers located in the west side of the Gulf of Tivat.

Today, the town is a safe haven and home to Porto Montenegro, the leading superyacht marina in the Mediterranean An ideal place to rest and recharge and a great base to exploring the Boka Bay.

Herceg Novi – the guardian of the Boka Bay

A popular coastal town, Herceg Novi sits at the very entrance to the bay, dominated by the Old Town Fortress on the hill. Herceg Novi began as a humble, Roman fishing village, and later, in 1380s, came under the dominion of the Bosnian king.

From XVII and well into the XVIII century, the town came under Venetian control, and was also briefly held by Austria, Russia and even France. Up until the First World War, Herceg Novi formed part of the Dalmatian Provinces, and later Italy. The town is a fine example of the rich cultural heritage of the Bay.

Today, Herceg Novi is the largest town in the Boka Bay and welcomes both local and international guests year on year.

Perast and Our Lady of the Rocks

Perast emerges from the Verige Strait, halfway between the Gulf of Risan and Gulf of Kotor, a picturesque town fit for a postcard. This medieval town boasts nine defensive towers, each built by the Venetians, during the XV and XVI centuries..

Perast is easily distinguished by its 16 palaces and 17 churches, built vertically against the mountainside, as well as two islets  positioned in the Gulf, on of them being Our  Lady of the Rocks.

According to legend,  the islet came into being in 1452, when an icon of the Holy Mother and Christ was found by a shipwrecked sailor, on a rock that saved him from certain demise. The sailor vowed to build a church on this precise spot, as a token of gratitude for his life saved. Learning of his story,  other sailors brought gravel and pebbles to the site, building an island around the rock. The small domed church is perched upon the island alongside a small tower, and the interior is decorated with church icons.  

This church still has a “lucky charm” status, all those centuries later, and many locals, as well as tourists, visit in order to leave silver charms for luck, while those with ailments visit  to receive blessings of healing.

Then, of course, there are the beautiful coastal towns of Kotor, Budva and Risan, filled with many fairy-tale like spots. The real estate market has also grown exponentially, making Montenegro’s Boka Bay one of the most desirable places for this kind of investment. Porto Montenegro is certainly high on the agenda for real estate investors, and an ideal place to position yourself to being your exploration of the magnificent Boka Bay.

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