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Platinum Showroom Package

What does the package include?

• On-board flag and illumination awareness package

• Entry to Porto Montenegro Platinum Showroom webpage*

• Berthing and sale from the Mediterranean’s safest, most picturesque marina

• VIP hospitality package including airport transfers by car, high-speed boat or helicopter and champagne welcome for viewers and potential buyers

• Individually designed berthing package with a portion of fees deferred pending yacht sale or retirement from the showroom

Why showcase your yacht in Porto Montenegro?

• First TYHA 5 Gold Anchor Platinum marina

• 365 picturesque sea trails capability

• Well protected and mountain-sheltered marina

• 5-star hotel accommodation for visiting potential buyers at preferential rates

• Private jet access from Tivat airport situated in close proximity to the village

• Valet services and viewing supervision for large vessels

• Extensive onshore village entertainment program to encourage and enhance viewing visits

Tax & Duty Free

Fuel - Private & Commercial

Onsite Provisioning - Bonded Warehouse - Customs - Immigration


Single & 3-Phase Electricity

WiFi - Fibre Optic Internet

Grey & Black Water Disposal



Maintenance Facilities

Onsite Brokers & Agents


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