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Join the Planet Earth’s Appreciation Week!

We’re all witnessing our planet changing as a result of human influence. Contaminated air, food, land and water, climate change and loss of biodiversity are just some of the issues we are confronting due to a lack of conscious ecological thinking.

As a company, we’ve been implementing green initiatives for years, which in turn have made us one of the most sustainable destinations in Montenegro. We are working to upgrade every aspect of our business – from recycling paper, plastic and aluminium, using biodegradable materials, electric vehicles and solar panels, investing in the Seabin for cleaner marina waters, and partnering with the Institute of Marine Biology to remove black and grey waters, as well as daily monitoring of waste disposal and building new recycling hubs.

Planet Earth Appreciation Week is just the beginning! We are delighted to be local pioneers in this domain and to set standards of green business for others to follow. We invite you to join our local community initiatives and start changing our environment for the better.

Upcoming activities:

Tuesday, April 20: Plastic free day

Wednesday, April 21: No car day

Thursday, April 22: Earth day! (Plant a tree)

Friday, April 23: Paperless Day

Sunday, April 25: Community Clean Up Day (Vrmac Hiking Trail)


The goals that we strive to achieve together are:

  • Eliminating the use of disposable plastic throughout the village
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by using public transfers, bikes and walking
  • Reducing the amount of printed paper
  • Creating a mural dedicated to Planet Earth by the youngest member of Tivat’s community
  • Outdoor yoga
  • Donating seedlings to Tivat’s central park
  • Landscaping in front of Tivat’s Tourism Organisation
  • Cleaning waste from Mt. Vrmac


Become a pioneer by helping to implement green initiatives and make our local community a greener, cleaner place for all to enjoy.